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What is Domain


The first commercial Internet domain name, in the , was registered on 15 March 1985 in the name by Symbolics Inc, a computer systems firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts .

By 1992, fewer than 15,000 com domains had been registered .

In the first quarter of 2015, 294 milion domain names had been registered . A large fraction of them are in the com TLD, which as of desember 21, 2014 had 115.6 milion domain names, including 11.9 milion online business and e-commerce sites, 4.3 million entertainment sites, 3.1 million finance related sites, and 1.8 million sports sites. As of July 2012 the com TLD had more registrations than all of the ccTLDS combined.

Source from wikipedia.

What is Domain ??

For those of you who work as a web master must have been familiar with the terms of this one, but for others who do not know the exact term Domain confusion, actually what is Domain?

Have you ever visited a web site , for example If you ever visited a website on the Internet site, sure know the address of the website you visit, for example,, and many others . The names of the so-called Domain .

In this subject will be reviewed in a thorough domain so that you better understand the domain

Definition and Function Domain .

Domains can be interpreted as a unique name , which is usually used as an identifier of a server, be it a web server , or email server , it also can be interpreted as a unique name that is used for identifying a computer server IP number . So for example we have a server computer , which is used to store the pages of our website with the IP address of the server computer, for example, Actually by typing the IP address earlier in the browser , we can open a page of our website , However , it is less effective as we possibly can forget the IP number , by using the domain name , of course, can help and make it easier to remember a website address that we have, than we remember the IP address of Computer Servers us .

Sample Type Domain :

1. TLD ( Top Level Domain )

Type Domain, So many kinds and below are examples of the type of existing domains and often in use . Top Level Domain is a part of a domain name or website address that is located on the right until the dot .

Eg for Top Lavel Domain name the domain is .com . Top Level Domain itself is divided into two: the Global Top Level Domains ( gTLDs ) such as .com , .net , .org , .gov , .sch , .ac, etc and Country Code Top Level Domain ( ccTLD ) such as Id, .sg , .uk, and so forth . Below is an example of the use of domain names for the purpose of naming the website .

Example Usage Global Top Level Domain

  • 1. .com : used for commercial websites or sites or companies .
  • 2. .net : used for site infrastructure network or website .
  • 3. .org : used for site or organization website .
  • 4. .info : used for informational website or websites .
  • 5. .name : used for sites or family or personal website .
  • 6. .edu : used for websites or educational websites and is limited only to education .
  • 7. .mil : used for the site or the website of the armed forces or the military .
  • 8. .biz : used for sites or business websites .
  • 9. .tv : used for sites or websites for instance Entertainment Television , Radio or magazine .
  • 10. .travel : used for the site or Tourism Business website .
  • 11. .xxx : used for pornography sites or website ( still proposed )

Example Usage Country Code Top Level Domain

  • 1. .cn : used for sites or websites in China country
  • 2. .id : used for a website or websites in the country of Indonesia
  • 3. .my : used for sites or websites in the country of Malaysia
  • 4. .sg : used for sites or websites in the state of Singapore
  • 5. .uk : used for sites or websites in the Americas
  • 6. .af : used for sites or websites in Afganisthan Country
  • 7. .ad : used for a website or websites in the Andora Country
  • 8. .bo : used for sites or websites in the Bolivia Country
  • 9. .br : used for sites or websites in the country of Brazilia
  • 10. .cr : used for sites or websites in the country of Costa Rica
  • 11. .de : used for sites or websites in the Germany

2. Second Level Domain (SLD )

Second Level Domain is a name that you register, for example for websites Second Level The domain is " udemy " .

3. Third Level Domain

Third Level Domain is a domain name that you can give before TLS and SLD for example you want to create a web for email purposes you can add webmail then for the purposes of search you can add a search before ( ) . Third Level Domain itself is usually also called a subdomain .

How to Buy a Domain Name.

To purchase a domain you can order a service provider Domain name purchase or called by Domain Registrar . So many companies offering services in the Internet Domain purchase and usually they also provide services for rental of web hosting . For the purchase of the domain name itself you can do it in one place or rental separately with web hosting. for payment you can use the method of payment by credit card or using online payment methods such as Paypal and below this is how to buy Cheap Domain Hosting Indonesia

1. First step

You can Click this link to register Domain Name, then you will find a page view as below.

Domain Select

2. Check Domain Name Availability

Before you buy a domain name, of course you have a plan for the domain name that will be purchased . but sometimes the name that you have planned , have been owned by someone else because the Domain name is unique so you must examine first by plugging a Domain name that had been planned and then select a TLD that is in want in accordance with the concept of website will you wake up and then click the check availability

Milki Domain

3. Click the Buy Button

If the domain name that you want is not owned by someone else , then you can proceed to the next stage by clicking the buy button .

pilih domain

4. Configure Domain

Domain configuration is done, to combine Domains with the web server you have. at this point, if you 've ordered a hosting provider is the same as you buy a domain, then you do not need to change the nameservers at the moment, but if you have a server hosting their own or ordering web hosting somewhere else , you need to change the nameservers and adapt the nameserver of the server hosting the previous message . then click the update button hamper .

konf domain

5. The completion of the booking process

After you follow the steps - the steps above , then you will find the display as below, if you register as a member before, you can directly login first, to complete the booking process , but if you have not registered yet, you can meet your personal data column - the column , which had been provided, after which you can choose the payment method that can be used, can be via bank transfer or through Paypal and do not forget to tick approval . Then click the " Finish Booking " and you will be given an invoice purchase your Domain.

keranjang belanja

6. Payment and Confirmation

As has been explained , that payment can be made , using bank transfer or through Paypal . and after my friend had to make a payment , the next step is , confirm the payment by sending a message via the Ticket , LiveChat or email , the officers who deal with Billing . Then, after the clerk checked the payment pal , buddy Domain message will be activated .

dmn pay

Invoice Booking

kirin tiket

Conclusion - Domain is our website address

Any 3 Type Domain

  • 1. Top Level Domain
  • 2. Second Level Domain
  • 3. Third Level Domain

What Domain Function

Domain function is to facilitate Internet users to access a web site as well as make it easier to remember a website address to be accessed without having to use a complicated series of numbers called an IP address.